Wicken Fen

Wicken Fen is Britain’s oldest nature reserve and a unique fragment of the wilderness that once covered East Anglia. Close to the city of Cambridge, this National Trust property is a haven for birds, plants, insects and mammals, including wild horses, alike. The fen can be explored using the traditional wide droves and lush green paths that form the many nature trails, and the Adventurer trail. There is also a boardwalk nature trail giving access to several excellent hides. The William Thorpe Visitor Centre provides a range of facilities and information about this fascinating place, as well as a tea room.

Wicken Fen has been designated as a

*National Nature Reserve *Site of Special Scientific Interest under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. * Special Area of Conservation under the EU Habitats Directive. * Wetland protected under the international Ramsar Convention.

A day out

Plan your day out at Wicken Fen. Wicken Fen is very close to Anglesey Abbey so you can combine a visit to both in a day.

Visitor Centre

The fen is open all year round from dawn to dusk except for December 25th. Some paths may be closed in very wet weather.

Wicken Fen's Windpump

The Fen Cottage and Garden is open April to October on Sundays and Bank Holiday Mondays, and some other days during summer.

Research at Wicken Fen

For more than 100 years, Wicken Fen has been the source of valuable research data. Some of the most eminent naturalists in the world.

Wicken Fen National Nature Reserve

  • Archive and Documentary Heritage

    The conservation of Wicken Fen has progressed hand-in-hand with a century of biological recording on the site, making it one of the best-documented nature reserves in Britain. For example over 2,000 species of fly, 1000 species of beetle, 1000 species […]

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  • Visitor Facilities

    The Visitor and Financial Projections Plan indicates a projected increase in numbers to 50,000 per year. Some appropriate upgrading of facilities will be required to facilitate this growth without affecting the wetland habitats.
    The 1000m long boardwalk allows visitors to visit […]

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  • Fen Managemen


    The open areas of Sedge Fen are currently mown, which is the traditional practice for this Fen. The areas restored from scrub will be incorporated into the mowing programme undertaken by existing staff.
    As the Fen communities recover, undesirable species including […]

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  • Reedbeds On Adventurer’s Fen

    The Trust is part of the UK Bittern Partnership – a project with EU LIFE funding to restore existing reedbeds in the UK for the benefit of the bittern and other reedbed species. Through the Partnership, we are in the […]

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  • Restoration of Sedge and Verrall’s Fen

    Scrub Removal
    This project aims to clear around 55 hectares of scrub from the Fen so that it can be restored back to hay and sedge fields. The actual amount cleared will depend on practicality of access and restoration techniques, and […]

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Our Customers Love Us

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Went to this National Trust Nature Reserve and did a lovely 2 mile walk round the nature trail returning in time to go on the river cruise through the Fens. During the cruise the guide told us all about the the environment, wild life & the history of the area which was really interesting.

Adella Oliveros

Beautiful nature reserve providing lovely walks and a chance to experience the fens as they used to be. Dogs are welcome on leads and mine certainly enjoyed the new smells of this watery environment. Very peaceful and a large site so we often had the path to ourselves. Good visitor centre / gift shop and cosy cafe with several outdoor...

Nancy H. Adkins

This is well arranged to enable visitors to appreciate what is essentially a wild area but also birds and insects to flourish undisturbed. There are board walks for exploring safely and hides for bird watching with useful explanatory notices.

Joseph E. Shive