Research at Wicken Fen


For more than 100 years, Wicken Fen has been the source of valuable research data. Some of the most eminent naturalists in the world have studied the4.1.2P1 habitats of Wicken Fen and the species to be found here.

researcher.jpg (44969 bytes)There are many research projects underway at any time. Some of them, like the bird ringing project – the longest-running project of its kind in the UK – require long-term recording of data, while others have specific aims like the re-introduction of threatened species.

As part of Wicken Fen’s Centenary project, we are planning to make much of this research data available online.

Many hundreds of scientific articles have been published on Wicken Fen. Dr. Terry Rowell produced a bibliography of those published up to 1985. This has been updated subsequently by Adrian Colston and Laurie Friday.
Dr Dave Aldridge studying bitterling in Wicken Lode

National Vegetation Classification Map
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